Combining rigorous research with connected technologies to provide insights 24/7

Social & Political

We connect with people from all backgrounds to understand their motivations, and to cultivate engagement with social and political issues. Our methods have been used by organisations ranging from European institutions, political parties and think tanks to NGO’s and local government.

 Consumer Research

We provide bespoke consumer research across a range of industries. Our high level of connectivity has given us an edge in rapidly changing sectors, such as music and technology. Our expertise and creative approach are reflected at every stage of research design, implementation and output.


We see research as just the start point.  We bring insights to life, taking complex information and key insights to time-starved audiences. We employ an in-house team of data visualisation experts, known as Data Design Studios. Our suite of communications resonate with clients worldwide.

Our services

Quantitative Research

AudienceNet’s highly qualified team comprises researchers, statisticians and data analysts with an exceptional record in conducting quantitative research, at the highest level, globally.

Quantitative Research

Our expertise is reflected at every stage of survey design and implementation, from the construction of questionnaires, through their administration to wholly representative samples (both online and face-to-face) and robust data analysis.

Syndicated Projects

We currently run syndicated studies in four key areas: Business Travel, Artist Markets, Audio Consumption and Political Engagement.

Syndicated Projects

By syndicating initial quantitative measures we are able to move to client-specific research at a fraction of the cost. The syndicated approach allows increased regularity and the provision of benchmark/tracking data, showing shifts and trends in an audience or target market over time.

Qualitative Research

At the heart of AudienceNet is our ability to connect our clients with their target market/audience for deep and meaningful qualitative insights 24/7.

Qualitative Research

Through connected technologies, we provide a rich two-way dialogue between client and audience. We also offer more traditional methods of qualitative research such as focus groups, workshops and depth interviews, to suit the research brief.


In addition to the more traditional approach, directly observing respondents, we conduct online ethnography.


Respondents (typically Millennials) opt us into their lives via their mobile devices. As well as following their online behaviours via their IP data, respondents can report on their real-time experiences via online discussion and the uploading of images, video etc.

Segmentation Analysis

AudienceNet prides itself in the application of non-linear statistical techniques to the process of market segmentation.

Segmentation Analysis

In addition to running detailed segmentation analysis through AudienceNet’s own data, we offer bespoke data analysis services including state-of-the-art techniques in both data merging and segmentation.

Data Visualisation

Our clients tend to be busy people with little time to wade through long data tables. AudienceNet brings data to life...

Data Visualisation

Our in-house team of data visualisation experts, known as Data Design, work alongside our data specialists to produce impactful and visually engaging outputs to maximise the understanding and dissemination of research data.

Our work

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