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AudienceNet is a full-service market research and insight consultancy, with offices in London, Washington and Melbourne built upon the application of connected technologies to profile and engage with specific target markets/audiences across the globe. AudienceNet’s origins are in the field of bespoke consumer research in the music, entertainment and technology industries. Our high level of connectivity and our global network have given us an edge in this rapidly changing sector.

We conduct ongoing research amongst all age groups. However, our methodology resonates particularly well amongst Millennials, where the application of mobile technologies to the research process fits seamlessly into their lives.

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We see the research phase as just the start point. We are passionate about communicating messages that resonate and have real impact. In addition to standard reporting AudienceNet’s in-house graphics team and subsidiary service Data Design works with clients to produce impactful and visually engaging outputs to maximise the understanding and dissemination of research data.

Data Design have an increasing reputation in assisting organisations with the clear dissemination of consumer research data. As well as delivering AudienceNet data through excellence in design, they increasingly work with clients to apply our user and stakeholder evaluation research to branding and re-branding projects.

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