When developing an artist’s career healthy intuition and instinct can go a long way, but what if that instinct could be supported by intelligent consumer insights and analytics executed by research experts?

AMP, or Artist Market Profiling, enables true insight and understanding of any artists market potential (whether new, upcoming or established) by testing the viability of multiple facets of an artist’s career against a nationally representative sample.

Unlike other metric services, AMP doesn’t just collect and track artist data that is readily available, like social media statistics, digital download sales and online music streams. It goes further; asking specific, tailored questions on your artist, teasing out robust insights that have actual value.

We create data, rather than accumulating it. Whether you’re planning the perfect tour itinerary, choosing what single to spearhead an album launch, what imagery to form the basis of a social media campaign, or what international market to target next, AMP, through the provision of bespoke, actionable research allows you to make informed, evidence based decisions, reducing the risk of any artist investment you intend to make.

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