Prior to the development of Audiomonitor, no truly democratic measure of all audio consumption existed. Whilst the radio industry continued to be well served by Rajar data, the more recently established audio streaming and digital download platforms had no richer insights into their respective audiences than their own metrics data. AudienceNet identified the value of building an all-encompassing measure of audio consumption, able to determine amongst the adult population of any given territory, the true relationships in terms of both reach and share of listening between all audio outputs, across all devices.

How we did it

Starting in the UK, AudienceNet built a syndicated research vehicle called ‘Audiomonitor’ which is statistically and demographically representative of the total UK population, above the age of 15 years. Audiomonitor runs biquarterly in the UK and syndicate members include: The BPI, UK Music, BBC, Sony Music, Soundcloud, Pure, AudioBoom, Jazz FM and Premier Christian Radio.

Audiomonitor is completed online with a totally fresh sample each wave. The data captured leads to robust profiles in terms of the demographic and psychographic profiles of all national radio brands as well as all online audio platforms. It also profiles the respective audiences in terms of musical tastes, consumer brand advocacy, social media usage etc., ideal for identifying the match between platform and sponsors etc.

On a granular level, audience profiles derived through Audiomonitor detail both reach and share of listening in relation to devices used, time of day when listening, location when listening and so on. Syndicate members are also able to put their own confidential questions to the Audiomonitor sample as well as being able to run their own segmentation profiling, where it exists, through the Audiomonitor data.

In February 2015, Audiomonitor was launched in the US for the first time. Audiomonitor Germany and France is due to launch later in the year.


The value and impact of Audiomonitor can be measured by the amount that the data is being used and publicised by its members as well as by the growth in membership itself. Certain clients report finding the data invaluable as a means of matching their brand/platform to sponsors and advertisers.

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