Viability of Releases 

Project Objectives 

To measure the viability, uptake and feasibility of proposed compilation releases by iconic mainstream artists, identifying the size and structure of the market in relation to distinct market segments, such as: ‘Core fans’; ‘Past purchasers of existing releases’ and the ‘Peripheral Market’ (Those who would buy/listen given the correct market messaging) 


A statistically representative sample of 1,000+ UK residents of 18 years and above was recruited to complete an interactive online survey. The resulting data provided detailed cross- breaks, broken down demographically in relation to the distinct market segments for a new compilation, as outlined by the client (i.e. core market; past purchasers; peripheral market and gift market). 


The data drove decisions behind many factors of the compilation, including: release schedule, selection of tracks and artwork, marketing messaging and what promotional channels to use to hit certain market segments.

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