Co – Creation Community

Project Objectives

Our client seeks to give car owners the optimal experience through a purpose-built app (helping with maintenance, MOTs, Insurance etc.). Since entering the market, the client has seen varied results: some avid consumers, but with higher attrition rates and less frequent use amongst consumers than the client had projected. As such, the client wanted to develop a co-creation community where users could provide feedback and help to optimise the product. 


We have developed a large-scale, on-going online community: 

100 participants
Range of user segments:
Avid users
Less frequent users
New users
6 month-long community with monthly reports 

Given the broad remit of the redesign,
the community covers a range of topics: 

Assessing users’ needs
Establishing current use
Assessment of features
Branding (USPs, attributes, comparisons etc.)
Marketing approach


The community is informing on-going discussions within the client’s business, with monthly reports being presented to board members. As product features are changed, they are often verified with the community to establish impact/uplift in sentiment. Once the app is ready to be re-launched, insights form the community will
inform the rebrand and marketing push.   

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