Bring the voice of the business rail traveller into the HS2 debate


With literally millions of pounds being poured into the public consultation and feasibility re High Speed Rail 2, AudienceNet was commissioned by the GTMC to determine the views of the business rail traveller.

How we did it

We started by profiling business rail travellers with a survey of 1,000 respondents who had all travelled by rail more than 6 times a year on business trips of 50+ miles. The rich data revealed several new insights into travel patterns, the ability to work on trains, on board facilities, priorities for awarding franchises and the benefits and problems associated with HS2.

Our graphic design team created an infographic report using train imagery, icons and bespoke designs. Our CEO, David Lewis was asked to present the findings at the GTMC Autumn Conference in London but (somewhat ironically) the event was cancelled as many of the travel industry delegates were unable to get to London due to the travel disruptions caused by severe weather. David presented the key insights by video which was sent to all of the delegates along with a copy of the full report and an infographic poster containing the key take away statistics.


As the data was presented in a visually engaging and easily digestible format, the key insights were passed up the chain of command generating interest from very senior stakeholders. For example, the Shadow Transport Minister asked for a meeting to discuss the research results and the Commercial Director of the East Coast Mainline joined GTMC as an industry partner.

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