Building a representative online community


Starting with the 2011 UK Census data, Audiencenet put together a detailed report on the demographic structure of the 33,000 strong population of Letchworth Garden City. Over and above reporting on shifts in age demographics, the full report went into granular detail, at ward level, re aspects such as: religion, ethnicity, household composition, full time carers etc.

Audiencenet conducted a community wide consultation amongst a representative sample of all Letchworth residents above the age of 15 years.

How we did it

Quantitatively: The ‘Connect Letchworth’ resident’s panel, completed an on line questionnaire containing a mixture of pre-coded and open-ended questions. This phase quantified the views of residents about a key issue which would impact significantly on the future of the community. The survey environment provided links to proposed plans, sites for development, expert reports on the impact of distinct options in relation to infrastructure, the environment and so on.

Qualitatively: A cross-section of residents from across the five wards of Letchworth, took part in a week-long, interactive online community, with tasks and research topics moderated by our experienced qualitative researchers. The respondents were able to log in at all times of the day (24/7) to interact and respond to one another’s views. Together they were able to explore and respond to detailed development proposals, site plans and expert reports on environmental impact etc. Heritage Foundation executives were able to login and observe the insights in real-time, feeding back to our moderators any additional questions or topics that they wished to explore as and when they arose.

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