Hi res audio research


Panasonic were rebuilding their Technics brand as their means for hi res audio so we carried out research to quantify the market for hi res audio in key territories and to explore the optimum positioning of the proposition and the Technics brand.

How we did it

We surveyed, and conducted desk research on, statistically and demographically representative samples of both the UK and German populations, with over 1000 participants in each territory.

The data showed that the majority of general consumers in both the UK and Germany regarded sound quality as important and that the main incentive for leading them into buying future audio products would be the pursuit of higher resolution audio. It provided insight into which devices both the general population and Sound Quality Enthusiasts were using and how often they were upgrading their music systems. It also indicated which gender and age groups are more likely to be interested in higher quality audio products.


This research informed of the most appropriate markets to target and which marketing approaches to employ for high-res audio.

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