Proposition Testing 

Project objectives 

The client wished to test customer favourability towards a range of efficiency saving propositions. To ensure buy-in amongst customers, they were keen to capitalise on technological innovations in the travel sector and position changes as advancements. They also wanted to understand differences between customer types—if some were more or less favorable than others. 


Focus groups were conducted across the country with a range of customer types. Prior to the groups, participants were asked to complete one of a number of scenarios, in order to document their current experiences. Then, in order to make the focus group experience as real as possible, the new propositions were mocked up on boards and a simulation was also developed on tablet computers. Participants were asked to evaluate each proposition individually, and then rank all in order of favourability. 


The research findings were presented to the client’s member organisations. They are now in the process of finalising and implementing changes based on the insights. 

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