Awareness of music use in user generated content and related licensing issues


To determine existing understanding of, and attitudes towards, the issue of music licensing in user generated content (UGC) and to gauge how UGC consumers would feel about paying premium rates for music synchronisation.

How we did it

We measured the size and demography of consumers who upload UGC and administered an online survey to 7,500 respondents in UK, US, Japan and Brazil to identify UGC behaviours in relation to music synchronisation. The sample was statistically and demographically representative of the total population of each territory above the age of 15 years.

The data demonstrated who was uploading, and what was being uploaded, most regularly online in each territory and which social media platforms were the key destinations for uploading UCG. It also indicated that over 65% of video uploaders and 70% of audio uploaders would be open to purchasing music legitimately.


The project provided insight into the most attractive proposition (including price points, pricing strategies and additional service features) that would be likely to encourage UGC consumers to pay for music synchronisation.

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